Aurora Products, Inc. has launched a guilt-free snack for consumers – All Natural flavored nuts full of nutrition…roasted with less fat and no cholesterol. Consumers seek snacks that are savory and delicious, yet good for their health as well. Aurora’s nine new flavored nut flavors satisfy consumers’ heightened taste buds while giving their bodies the health benefits they demand…it’s a win-win!

Aurora has found a way to balance what tastes good and what is nutritious with its new line of flavored nuts. The company offers nine dynamic varieties, some of which include consumers’ favorites- curry, barbeque, and hickory smoked. “Our flavored nuts are different in that they are dry versus oil roasted. This means no oil and less fat. Also, our seasoned varieties have more taste than the unflavored nuts with no additional calories,” said Stephanie Blackwell, President of Aurora Products, Inc.

As with all Aurora Natural’s items, all seasoned nuts are 100% All Natural and contain no artificial flavors, preservatives, or colorings. All nine almond and cashew flavors have no cholesterol or trans fat and are full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and heart healthy fatty acids. The nuts are available in 4.25 to 15oz re-sealable stand-up bags, as well as in 8 to 10oz clear plastic containers.

Aurora Products packages All Natural and Organic dried fruits, nuts, trail mixes, salad toppings and granolas. The company makes its own trail mixes, roasts its own nuts, and packages products in a variety of sizes. All items are All Natural with no preservatives, artificial colors, or additives. The vast array of Aurora’s products can be found in the Produce or All Natural sections within stores. For more information about Aurora Products, visit