Aurora Products, Inc. Introduces New 50% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) PET Consumer Packaging
Tuesday, June 10, 2008
New Packaging Promotes Company’s Environmental Commitment to Become A Category Leader In Sustainable Packaging

Stratford, CT – Aurora Products, Inc., a leading packager/ distributor of branded All Natural and Organic dried fruits, nuts, trail mixes and granolas, announced today they have introduced new packaging for their Aurora Natural line of “Family Tubs”. Made from over 50% post consumer recycled PET (polyethylene terephalate) packaging, these plastic containers are clear, sturdy and stackable.

“It seems like a contradiction to offer All Natural and Organic items in plastic packaging” states Stephanie Blackwell, owner and founder of Aurora Products Inc. “We are actively seeking ways to decrease the use of pure plastic and to use recycled plastic bottles that could accumulate in our environment after being discarded by consumers. It is one step towards going green and using sustainable packaging.”

Aurora Natural’s new line of post consumer recycled (PCR) PET packaging is available in more than 15 varieties of snacks including trail mixes, nuts and dried fruits. The “good for you” snacks are between 14 and 23 ounces which cater to family munching and gatherings.

The clear stackable container with a snap tight lid is easy to store in the cabinet and offers consumers visibility of the product within. Once opened, freshness is maintained due to the oxygen barrier inherent within the container.

"PET is the best commodity material as a barrier to oxygen, second to none. If you want a higher barrier, you have to go to some exotic laminations and/or co-extrusions that are rare, expensive, and non-recyclable. Its clarity, impact strength, inertness, barrier properties and recyclability make PET a premium choice for food packaging", said Jeff Prusak, Aurora Products, Incs’ Head Buyer.

The new family tub line includes three varieties of Veggie Chips (a healthy alternative to potato chips), salted and unsalted nuts, trail mixes and an assortment of preservative free dried fruits. The Aurora Natural branded snack line can be found at retailers including Stop & Shop, Giant, Shop Rite, Acme, Shaw’s, Price Chopper, Big Y, Whole Foods, A&P and quality Independent Stores. The vast array of their product lines can be found in the Produce or All Natural sections within the stores.

“With more and more retailers looking to develop their own sustainable initiatives, one area they will be looking at will be the type of packaging they allow on their shelves. We are committed to using more and more recycled post consumer PET type packaging,” stated Blackwell.