Maintaining safe food… A rigorous road followed by Aurora Products
Friday, February 19, 2010
Aurora Products Awarded SQF 2000 Certification Level 2

Stratford, CT – In 1998, Stephanie Blackwell opened Aurora Products, Inc in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She started packaging dried fruits and nuts in a small facility using postal scales and tables draped with plastic covers. Now, her facility has grown to over 150 employees and uses state of the art equipment. The company strives to maintain cleanliness, quality, and high standards in maintaining safety for all foods packaged in their facility.

Aurora Products Inc. has come a long way and is pleased to announce it has been awarded SQF 2000 Certification Level 2. Achieving this level of certification was intense and took much dedication towards food safety. SQF (Safe Quality Food) is the world’s leading food safety and quality management system, representing over 70% of food retail revenue worldwide.

Aurora’s SQF certification provides assurance that all Aurora products provide consumers 4 major benefits when they purchase any Aurora product:

1. Aurora product is safe. All of Aurora’s product is monitored to insure safe food. Inspections and analyses are performed not only on finished goods, but also on raw materials and work in progress.

2. Aurora’s product is the highest quality. No product is released until it meets the rigorous inspection process detailed in SQF’s procedures.

3. Sources for all Aurora ingredients are identified quickly. All finished product can be traced to the raw materials supplier within minutes.

4. SQF standards are constantly upheld. All elements of SQF are documented in writing and verified frequently to insure what’s in place meets SQF safety and quality standards. ?