What is the Truth behind Organic Raw Nuts?

January 4th, 2011

The demand for organic products has risen stupendously over the past few years, and that includes the variety of organic raw nuts. However, there are very few people who know what “organic” really is. Before getting into the details of raw nuts, let us learn a few things about organic foods.

What is Organic?

Anything that is produced without using synthetic materials, pesticides, fertilizers, ionizing radiation, or genetically modified variants is organic. From meat, eggs, and poultry to vegetables and raw nuts, everything can be manufactured organically.

While raw nuts are sometimes artificially grown using pesticides and fertilizers, meat and animal products are fed growth hormones or antibiotics.

People often mistakenly believe that raw nuts and dried fruits are considered to be organic if they do not contain any artificial flavorings, preservatives, or colorings. However, this just means the product is all natural – a big misconception amongst consumers. Dried nuts and fruits are only truly organic if they are actually processed in organic certified facilities using organic ingredients.

Often confusion arises when products are labeled as both organic and all natural. There is a difference between the two, such as:

Organic Raw Nuts and Natural Raw Nuts

When you are eating organic raw nuts, it means that these nuts are devoid of any artificial pesticides or synthetic products. However, when you are eating natural raw nuts, it can many times imply the nuts have been grown using pesticides and/or insecticides.

The Price Factor

Organic raw nuts are more expensive than the natural variety. This is due to organic nuts being processed in a more regulated environment than non-organic foods. As organic farmers don’t receive adequate federal subsidies like conventional farmers, the price of production becomes a little higher. Organically produced items are also more labor-intensive since chemicals are not used for the growth and development of plants. Also, since producing organic food items requires more management than traditional farming techniques, small areas are used for growing organic products. This reduces the production yield and supply, which therefore increases organic food prices.

Finding an Organic Raw Nuts Producing Company

As organic foods are quite popular these days, almost every second shop is coming up with organic produce such as raw nuts. It’s important to find organic nuts that come from a trustworthy brand, such as Aurora Natural. Aurora offers premium nuts that are of the largest grade and highest quality. Aurora’s nut selection includes a wide variety of organic nuts, all of which are loaded with taste and numerous health benefits.

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